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Saturday, February 09, 2008

I have to share. Isn't that what blogs are all about?

I would like to tell you about a delightful marinade I've been using for fish. I got the idea from P. F. Chang's Oolong Marinated Sea Bass. Theirs is better, most likely because they don't have to pay the health care costs of their patrons, so can use salt and sugar with abandon. This is probably (only slightly) healthier.

Oolong Tea Marinade for Fish

Mix in a small sauce pan:

2 cups Oolong Tea (Brew it right in the sauce pan. Use two tea bags and remove them before you add the rest of the ingredients.)

2/3 cup reduced sodium Tamari Soy Sauce.

1/2 cup light brown sugar. You can use less, but the marinade won't stick as well. You can use more and it'll stick better, but be less healthy. It's a tough call. Sugar isn't healthy anyway, so you might as well rock out, just this once. Maybe use more if it's a dinner party, less if you're just hanging with the family.

A small spoonful each of minced garlic and fresh ginger.

Bring the mixture to a boil, lower the heat and let it simmer for a few minutes. You want to make sure the sugar is dissolved and let it reduce a little bit to make the flavor stronger. Take it off the heat entirely and let it cool. When it's cool, strain the ginger and garlic out. Cheese cloth works well for straining.

Use just enough marinade for your fish (we had Salmon the other night and it was great, but any fish will do!) To reduce the amount of marinade you need, use a zip-loc bag. If you squeeze the air out before sealing, you'll only need a small amount of marinade to surround the fish. If you marinate in a bowl, you have to use a lot to cover the fish.

Freeze the leftover marinade to use another day. You could even double (or triple! or quadruple! or hex...never mind) the recipe and freeze the leftover in smaller portions.

Let the fish marinate all day. I broiled the salmon for about ten minutes, which was good, because we like it on the rare side. As a side, I wilted some fresh spinach in the marinade that I poured off the cooked fish. The whole family gave it a thumbs up.

By the way, if you had gone to the All Local Farmers' Market at Gervais and Vine today, you could have gotten these:

They're from Floral and Hardy Farm and my picture doesn't do them justice. I hope you can tell how pretty they are!

Namasté, y'all!

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