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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

An entry full of footnotes...

Namasté, y'all!

P.S. I had to say that first, because the rest of this entry consists of footnotes, which traditionally follow the sign off. Duh.

* Frogmore Stew should also be served with little ramekins of cocktail sauce. Cocktail sauce = ketchup + horseradish, proportions to be determined by the chef.

** I bought the dryer at Beauty Basic Supply, online. Here is the link. I don't get a kickback from that site, but I wish I did, because I know y'all are all going to order one. If I had a dollar for every...

*** The rollers are large, pink velcro rollers, purchased at Target. I bought the biggest size. I clip them on with metal clamp-style clips, but plan to switch to rippled bobby pins soon because I heard they don't leave dents in your hair.

**** For those of you who think you shouldn't get the dryer because your hair is too short: Get it. Leave it out to remind yourself not to get a haircut. Kind of like those freaks who hang a bikini on the fridge to keep themselves from eating. But not at all like that because big hair is a far nobler goal than a tiny a**. Bottoms of all sizes and shapes can be cute. Hair, on the other hand, is best when it's big.

***** I'm thinking of ordering two or three more dryers, so I can have hair parties at my house. We can talk really loud over the noise of the dryers and read celebrity magazines. Is this a good idea? Discuss.

****** The baby blue Jaguar was totally from Nancy Drew. I was a huge fan. How could I not have realized this? Cool!

******* I saw my aunt and her mom yesterday heading into Devine Foods for lunch as I was leaving LaRoque. They are so much fun. I had already eaten, but I sat down for a Diet Coke and one of their awesome cookies (chocolate, nuts, oatmeal, raisins...excellent). Aunt K asked for my Baked Brie Recipe and I remembered promising to share on my blog. It's more like a list of instructions than a recipe. As an aside (because I can't really do a footnote to a footnote, now can I?), I was very flattered to be asked by Aunt K for a recipe. She's one of the best hostesses and cooks I know. Color me tickled.

Baked Brie

Take a can of Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough, the scary kind that explodes when you peel off the wrapper.

Open it, lay it flat in a pretty oven-safe serving dish and press out the perforation marks with your fingers.

Take a small wheel of Brie and cut it into two layers, like cake layers.

In between the layers, put some jam and nuts, whichever ones you have in your pantry. Apricot jam with pecans is nice. Or fig jam and almonds. Or raspberry and cashews. You get the picture.

Place the Brie, Jam and Nut Sandwich on the pastry and fold the pastry in until the Brie is enclosed. If you are artistic, maybe you will make a nice design. If you are me, maybe you will cram it closed any which way and turn it over for cooking.

Cook until it's done at whatever temperature the package says.

Serve it and try to ignore the mocking of your husband who is half-French and thinks this is an abomination. Don't be smug when it disappears and your guests rave.

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MT said...

Go big hair! Love the dryer party idea; evite me, m'kay?!