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Saturday, April 20, 2002

Today was lovely. In the morning, we all cleaned the house a bit. Then O and I went to Cromer's to get clowns for X's cake (O's idea) and balloons (also O's idea.) O and I also went to Sterling Garden Center to get plants. We picked up tarragon (haven't been able to find it anywhere), six or seven different hot peppers, and two surprise picks - anise flavored mint and an artichoke. I'm curious to see if the artichoke works. When we came home, we worked outside while MIL played with the boys.

We got everything planted - I also transplanted some of my thyme to a pot to give to our neighbor for her birthday. And I moved the parsley to a space with more room, so it can get bigger.

Mom and Dad came over around 2 for X's cake. I used this recipe (if it can be called a recipe): Of course, mad housewife that I am, I had to add a chocolate mint sauce on top (made with fresh mint from our garden - mais oui!) Our next door neighbor S and her mother also came for cake. I really love our street - we see a lot of everyone these days because we are all out planting. I gave some of my thyme and oregano to several people to plant. Mr. H tilled our garden and added compost - did I mention that I love my street?

X stared around in amazement when we sang Happy Birthday - he cracked a nearly imperceptible smile when he heard his name. O blew out the candle for him. X liked his cake - he did that funny thing that all babies do when they taste something new that is cold or tart - he wiggled and made a little crinkle face - then ate more. He even licked his plate. Takes after his mom, that kid. I think his favorite thing was the balloon - he had a purple one and kept hiding behind it. It was helium, so he had fun letting it go and pulling it back.

After everyone left we rested and got ready to go to A's 50th birthday party (down the street) - she and X have the same birthday. That was a lot of fun - most of the people from our street were there. O met another kid - Austin, who is four. I think O is very excited about being four.

After that, we went home amd rested again - then we went to a party at G and EC's house - it was their daughter's first birthday and G's partner's 32nd. It was fun. I would ramble more, but Alex is home from the movie store. 'Night.

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