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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm going to hell. this is so inappropriate.

Please no f-bombs

And it is scary

Is this rated r?

u there?

Yup. lmao at yr texts

T is wigging out. Yr brother is going 2 b so pissed @ me! V will b 2. sigh.

Main guy wearing strokes tshirt

This movie is some major stupidness

Right up yr alley? I'm keeding!

Um actually...yes

im actually into it. embarassing


And, by the way, if spoilers for the Transformers movie bother you, you are not okay. First of all, it is so completely predictable. Second of all, it's the Transformers movie, for goodness sake! Who cares if it gets spoiled? Chances are, if you are the sort of person who cares about the story, you've seen it already, if you weren't too busy reading Harry Potter or making your costume for the HP book party or movie. might be about eleven years old. Or a self-proclaimed (so I'm not talking trash here) nerd like my friend S, who is cool in spite of her inner (sometimes outer) eleven year old.

So, having said all that, you may have figured out from the text messages between my husband and me that I loved it. Really! Got totally into it. It was a full-on action movie, complete with guns, bombs, chases, a hot main character (So here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...), cheesy sexism and an entirely predictable plot. And I loved it. But, as I may have mentioned before, I'm not all that bright. Yay for entertaining the masses!

It's a good thing I enjoyed it, because the whole thing, including tickets, snacks and paying the neighbor girl to keep Baby J cost seventy six dollars AND FIFTY CENTS! It was the fifty cents that killed me. As if seventy six dollars wasn't enough. But it was worth every penny.

I did feel bad that my nephew, T, was so freaked out. Honestly, I was so excited that I had the chance to go see a movie with the big kids and no baby, on the spur of the moment, that I didn't check ratings, read a review or even look at the poster on the IMDB. If I had, I might have guessed that it wasn't a great movie for kids. I was just thinking of the toys we played with in the eighties. And the song (which is NOT featured in the movie and it's catchy, so I have no idea why they left it out!) TRANS! FORM! ERS! More than meets the eyyyyyyyyyye! TRANS! FORM! ERS! Robots in disguiiiiiiiiiiiise! I did think it was classy the way they covered up the f-bombs with actual bomb noises to avoid an R rating. "Oh My God! Mother-KABLAAAMMMM!!!" Clever.

The kids (ages 5, 6, 7 and 9 by the way - yeah, I was that trashy mom who sat in front of you at Transformers with a bunch of little kids) had great fun listing and discussing the bad words in the lobby afterwards - the a-word, the s-word, the b-word and, of course, the worst of all...shut up.

As for t freaking out, I did what I've always done with my kids. I took him out of the movie for a few minutes, made up some stuff about how they did the special effects (I told him they got the toys and moved them around then blew it up to screen size with...uhhhhh...computers and stuff) and talked about how fake the whole thing was. I also told him (SPOILER ALERT, YOU BIG NERD) that no one we cared about would die in the end and the good robot guys would win. Which turned out to be true.

And, by the way, I have just learned that Mr. Shia LaBeouf is but 19 years old. Yikes. I told my friend S that he looked at least 30. She, kindly, told me he was a bit younger, but probably at least 20. My apologies to Mrs. LaBeouf (his mother, 'cause he's too young to get married!) because it would bug me if a 34 year old was looking lustfully at one of my sons at 19. But he's cute! And over 18! So there!

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