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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Drinkin' and Bloggin'! Round Three! Ding!

A and I just had the greatest date ever. The babysitter came at 4 pm and we went to a two hour Yoga workshop about Vasistasana (that would be Side Plank for you non-Yogins). After that, we ate at Baan Sawan, the greatest Thai restaurant ever. And now it's only 8:30 and we're already home and the kids are pretty much ready for bed. A is walking Baby J around the block to get him to sleep and the X Man and I are watching "Napoleon Dynamite," one of our family favorites. And I'm still on the party train drinking the "Technically, I've had too much already, but it's only 8:30 so why stop now?" standby: Cristalino Brut. Try it. S'pretty-good-not-bad.

Later, I'm going to attempt to recreate my Grandmother's Famous (well, in our family) Coconut Cake. She gave me the recipe years ago and I never made it. Actually, I lost the recipe and had to ask her for it again. She's one of these totally organized people who never loses anything so, when she gave me the recipe, she no longer felt responsible for it and got rid of it; my grandmother is not a hoarder, so if she doesn't need it, it's out. However, because she is the Best Grandmother Ever, she somehow found it and gave it to me again. I promise not to lose it this time and, if I don't finish the bottle of Cristalino, I'll put the recipe on my Blaaaaaaaahg tonight, when I finish making it. I might have to put the recipe up tomorrow, maybe with pictures!


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