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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I have nothing to say today, so here's a recipe. I had some stuff to use up from our CSA and a bunch of okra from the local market hosted by Yo Burrito, which you SHOULD START GOING TO IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY! The one at Gervais and Vine is equally fab, but we can't walk to it (well, we could, but we might not be able to stand the persecuted middle child's moaning.) So, here is what I did with the okra and some other stuff I had lying around. Not too original, but easy.

Stewed Okra and Tomatoes

Melt a tablespoon of butter in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil. Bacon grease would be tasty, but we have a vegetarian in our house these days, so butter is our solid fat of choice.

Sauté a small chopped onion or half a large one (I used red onion because I had half of one left over, but use whatever) and maybe a hot pepper or two. I used these cool peppers I got at the market. They are sweet at the end and get hotter as you reach the stem. The seeds, of course, carry a lot of heat. I wish I could remember what they're called, but I can't. Oh well. I chopped two (they are about an inch in diameter) and threw them in, seeds and all. Sauté until they're soft.

Dump in two or three or four or however much you have cups of sliced okra (half inch slices) and a couple of chopped tomatoes. Add in about a cup of frozen corn, or cut fresh off of the ear if you want to make your life difficult.

I added a few shakes of this cajun seasoning my friend gave me, but you could use something else. The ingredients are listed as salt, red pepper, black pepper and garlic, simple enough.

Then I cooked it on low for about twenty minutes. And I'm going to serve it over rice, which I hope will cut the heat enough for the kids.

I'm so happy, by the way, that I'm lucky enough to have kids who aren't too picky about food. Before I decided to make the stewed okra, I had started to top and slice the okra lengthwise for roasting. I decided to stew the rest when that got boring. Anyhow, I did roast some of it and the kids came downstairs and went nuts, like I had made some great treat. They ate it like it was Cheeto's. Roasted Okra. It's What's for Breakfast. At least at my house.

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