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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm just going to have a little whine here, so carry on. Nothing to see!

You know a whine is going to be pretty pathetic when it starts with, "My house cleaners are coming today.." So...ahem...

My house cleaners are coming today, so I need to stay out of the house pretty much all day, even though they're only there for three or four hours. They never tell me when they're coming and every phone number they've given me is disconnected after I call it once. But they do a good job and they're nice, so what are you gonna' do? I had a great plan for today, by the way. But, as I should know (pounding head with fist), the best laid plans (and the best plans for gettin' laid..heheheh) can be destroyed in a moment by a baby, even a really cute one.

This morning, I had to teach two classes in a row. Baby J stayed in the gym nursery for those. You might want to punch me for this, but I like starting my day with an hour and a half of ab exercises. It makes me feel more comfortable for the rest of the day. After that, I planned to take Baby J to the drop in nursery across town so I could grab a quick solo lunch and blaaaaaaaahg. Long story short: Baby J fell asleep on the way to the nursery, so I decided to put him in the stroller and let him sleep while I ate in a coffee shop back across town and blaaaaaaaahged. I've done it before and it always works. He always stays asleep for at least an hour. I got him in the stroller, ordered my lunch and coffee, sat down and turned on the laptop and, no more than two seconds after my food arrived, I saw the kicking of little feet in the stroller. Little feet are cute, really cute, but not when I just want to eat! And at the top of the little feet, there's a cute fat body and sweaty little curly head that says, "No...nooooooo...nuh-no...naw" The random "nos" are Baby J's new experiment. He likes to say it in different tones of voice to see how it sounds, which doesn't bode well for the future. The "no" he left out was the primal scream, kicking myself in the head, punching the wall over my own stupidity- type "no" that was echoing in my head. But I digress...

So I gulped my lunch, cut my losses and decided to go for a walk with the Supreme Ruler. But I forgot that it sucks to drink hot coffee and push a stroller in hundred degree weather. So I looked at my watch (11:32 am and the drop in nursery closes at 1 pm), cut my losses again and drove Baby J to the nursery. Instead of the cool local coffee place (which I love because I worked there during the summers in high school and college), I could go to the chain bagel place with free WiFi and grab an hour. And a cookie, because I'd have to buy something and I'd already gone a little overboard on the coffee.

On the way, I called my husband, just to vent a little. Sometimes I get mad at him, because when he wants to do something self-indulgent, he can just cancel an appointment and do it; I have to really finesse it. And somehow, I think I feel guiltier for doing it. When he vents, I usually try to express sympathy. I even try to express it in a non-sarcastic way. I've quit saying, "Awwwwww...I hate it for ya'," because that doesn't sound all that nice. On the other hand, when I vent, he has to one up me. I think he (and, so I've heard, maybe a few other men) does it so I'll understand that he can't help, because his own life is so hard. When I called him today for a quickie (a quick whine - get your mind out of the gutter), his response was to tell me how hard his day was. I'm being genuine when I say that I do get that his day is hard. I do. But, at the moment, I couldn't feel all that sorry for somebody who has an awesome job and who was on his way to a solo lunch at one of my favorite places to do a little paper work. Granted, the paper work was preparation for a trial that started after lunch, but still. He chose the profession and can't even appreciate how lucky he is to get to have a fancy lunch as part of his work day. All he had to say was, "That sucks. I hope your day gets better." Then I would have been happy to listen to him talk about being nervous about the trial, but I don't even think he was nervous. I'm pretty sure he was desperate to think of something that would get him off the hook and that was the first thing that came into his head. Kind of like when I'm puking my guts out and sick as a dog and, to deflect any requests for help, he wanders around rubbing his stomach and saying, in a strained voice, "I think I might be getting a stomach bug, too." Oh yeah? Well, Show Me the Vomit!

And I got really pissed off when I came out of the nursery after dropping Baby J there and that jerk of a husband had left a really nice message apologizing. The audacity! He robbed me of my righteous anger! I hate it when that happens! As*hole.

So, here I am at the bagel store, with a big cup of water. The oatmeal raisin cookie's all gone, but it was pretty good. And I still have thirty minutes. Time for some shopping on the portable mall (aka the Laptop). Yay!

Please feel free to leave your own petty whine in the comments section or call me on my cell. I'll be out of the house for the rest of the day and most likely starved for adult company.

Namasté, y'all!

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