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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Ladies of Nail Trixx* Strike Again.

"You want lip?"

If you thought that was a response given by someone who'd just been accused of engaging in sarcastic backtalk, you would be wrong. In fact, it was a question posed to my sister in law, who was strapped down in a chair for her eyebrow waxing. The question was accompanied by a single raised eyebrow (perfectly groomed, of course) and an accusing finger pointed at my dear and browbeaten (har, har, har) sister in law's upper lip. The ladies of Nail Trixx have decided that their assault on her eyebrows is not enough. In what may be a strange initiation into a secret society, they're trying to break her down. They've moved on to her upper lip, which in my opinion is not noticeably hairy. And it wasn't noticeable to my sister in law either, until today.

In fact, they give her plenty of lip, in the form of criticism of her hairy face. Going by what they tell her, you would assume she looks like a gorilla, or my Dad's back. Au contraire, mon frère. She's a babe, with no more facial hair than you or me. But for some reason, the ladies of Nail Trixx are determined to make her believe otherwise. And it's not just the ladies. According to V, when she's behind the shower curtain in the corner getting her brows whipped into shape, the two men who work there always come back to laugh at her. You might think she's being paranoid, but they come back there every time. And they point at her while they laugh hysterically and talk in a language she doesn't understand. Can you think of another explanation? I can't.

Namasté, y'all!

*Name of the salon name has been changed to protect me from their wrath.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha! This has happened to me as well at my eyebrow waxing. It goes like this:

lady: you want lip?
me: no thanks.
lady: yes. you want lip (with widened, horrified eyes.)

So I let them to do lip. Note: lip hurts worse than eyebrows.

Next time: "You want pedicure? Toes look baaaad."