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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I probably need to send this around to local and national media as a press release, but I'm too lazy, so feel free to forward it to all of your top media contacts.

Tonight, for the first time anywhere, the brand new Bruegger's Pretzel Bagels will be served...AT MY HOUSE.

I was sitting in Bruegger's, sipping on coffee and enjoying free Wi-fi as I contemplated what to blog about today when one of the charming employees came around with a super secret sample of the New Pretzel Bagel, scheduled to debut tomorrow. They will be available, in my home and my home only, until supplies run out, a full twelve hours almost a whole day before they are available in stores.

I had already been here one hour and was about to leave, so the timing was perfect. As I placed the delicious bagel (sample) on my tongue, I realized it would be the perfect accompaniment to the fish chowder I have planned for tonight. Alas, I was a day early.

My heart raced as I used my charm asked if they could make me some anyway and they said, after a brief staff meeting, YES!

So, there you have it...Brand New Bruegger's Pretzel Bagels...Halloween Launch Party at my place. Be there or be square (like some of Bruegger's Bagels.)

Ah, the perks of being a celebrity random patron of Bruegger's Bagels.

Namasté, y'all!

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