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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Most Auspicious Event!

Today is my luckiest day ever. Well, maybe not ever, but it is a very lucky day.

On Friday, I was at the awesome M Boutique where, years ago, I first heard Cool from Gwen Stefani's album Love.Angel.Music.Baby. That song puts me in a great mood, as does the rest of the album - great music to shop to, by the way. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but (surprise!) found a pair of jeans I loved. Unfortunately, they were a size too big. The super stylish and super nice owner, Emily, was there and I asked her to call me if they got returned in my size. She was pretty sure they wouldn't be, because her friend bought them. Oh, well. Wait, do you really think this is the end?

I'm so predictable. Once I couldn't have them, I had to have them. They became the jeans that would change my life. I searched all over. I found them online, but not in my size. Then, I found them in my size, but they were more expensive, plus I would have to pay shipping, which I couldn't bring myself to do, because I'm cheap. And I really prefer to shop local stores. But, given that these jeans would change my life, just as other jeans before them had done, I had to have them. Judging from past history, I feel sure I would have caved and bought them, overpriced or not, but something better was in store. Prepare to be amazed. You will be filled with wonder at the synchronicity at work in the Universe. And you will understand fully that the jeans were made for me and me, alone (well, me and all of the other people who bought them).

On my way to pick up the big kids from school, I had a few minutes to spare and, on a whim, decided to go to M one more time, looking for a miracle. Lo and behold, there they were, in my size, on the counter...being returned. Do you have chills? I did. She was returning them because she just had a baby and didn't want to deal with having them hemmed. It took me four seconds to get over the fact that I wear the same size jeans as someone who just had a baby (she looked really good - that helped!) I tried them on, even though I already knew we were meant to be a couple. It took me another four seconds to resolve the moral dilemma of whether to tell the new mother that there was a drop-in nursery not five minutes from one of the best and quickest tailors in town. It was easy, because she didn't have her baby with her, so she must have child care already.

Thus, the jeans are mine, all mine, and we are destined to have a long and rocking relationship; I can feel it. And it's my lucky day, so I need to go buy a lottery ticket or two. I bet I can have them hemmed in time to wear them for the Gamecocks on Thursday night, so I'm pretty sure we know who'll win that one (Go ahead and place your bets. So what if Kentucky's ranked eighth in the nation?) And tonight's Bunco night, so look out, ladies, I'm on a roll!

Namasté, y'all!

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