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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Something Dumb and Embarassing About Me

Because that's what a Blog's for, right?

Yesterday, I got on my bathroom scale, as I sometimes do in the morning. To my surprise, I was five pounds heavier than I usually am. As I drank my coffee, I cursed myself for eating so much over the weekend. I regretted both the fried calamari and fried zucchini strips I had at the Pub. I shook my fist at the State Fair food vendors. And I swore to myself that I would eat really, really healthy for at least two days. I felt bloated. I looked bloated, according to my quick glance in the mirror. I resigned myself to having to strain to zip my jeans.

After my shower, I put on the jeans and they fit like always. Huh? I looked at the scale and noticed that it was off balance. One of the kids had been playing with it and it was five pounds over. I weighed myself again, just to prove that I wasn't any heavier than I had been the day before.

And my whole day was better. Pathetic, huh?

Namasté, y'all!

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