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Friday, November 23, 2007

Best Part of Thanksgiving.

We're having a party tonight*. We've recently added liquor to our standard party menu, to show how mature we are, but we're not so mature that we're too proud to take donations. As I was leaving my mom's house yesterday, she offered me a half bottle of gin for the party. Dad went to get it out of the liquor cabinet, because my parents don't let us kids in the liquor cabinet. He pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and offered to let me take that, too, which I did before my mom could say no.

I walked outside, carrying the bottle of Jack by the neck. For some reason, I can't hold a bottle of Jack by the neck without waving it over my head and yelling something. I looked at my brother and yelled,

"Mama alriddy gave me muh Chree-usmus present! Yeeeee-haw!"

There was only one correct response. My twenty three year old brother, slouching beneath the basketball goal with his hands in his pockets, muttered,


Missing out on free liquor is a terrible thing. If I know him though, he went inside after I left to see if they were still handing it out. I bet he ended up with Seagram's 7.

Namasté, y'all!

* By the way, if you know us (i.e. know where we live) and we forgot to invite you, please come anyway. It's a very casual affair and we invite people when we see them, so if we haven't seen you in a few days, we mean for you to be here.

** I do not know how to spell this. It's like the word "Man," but with a very country accent. Someone should start a website that lists ways to spell stuff like that. My husband is pretty good at it (he was responsible for "Pbrrrt.") Maybe he should do it, in his vast amount of spare time.

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