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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hoooo-wheeeeee!! Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, y'all! I know you don't really care about how we celebrated, but you should know that we had a rocking good time. Some great friends had a party. All the things I liked were there: ping pong, sparkling wine, good food that you could eat with your fingers, and kids that we didn't have to see too much of. We took our big kids and left sweet Baby J at home with his friend, Mrs. Babysitter. The kids played in the yard and weren't really supervised until it was time to set off fireworks, which is how it should be.

Now, I know what you really wanted to know: What Was Ms. Annie of the Daily Digress Wearing? Ever since the Morrissey show, I have had this burning need to re-rock the New Romantic style. So...I wore my skinny black jeans, a black silk, ruffled blouse (Rebecca Taylor, bought at Van Jean during one of their awesome sales!), and three things that made the outfit, all given to me by people I love. It's important to feel the love on New Year's Eve, so here it is:

1. An aquamarine and diamond ring my Nana gave me for high school graduation. I went to visit her right after I graduated and I noticed that she was wearing this over-the-top glamorous ring. It was out of character for her to wear something so flashy in the daytime (she was from Chah-leston), but I didn't say anything. I didn't want to compliment her, because if you tell old people you like something, they might give it to you, then you have to feel guilty. When I was leaving, she said,

"Oh! I almost forgot! This ring is your graduation present."

And she took it off and gave it to me. Just like that! Lest you think she noticed me staring at it, please know that she was completely blind. Cool, huh? Not that she was blind, but that she knew my taste so well.

2. A black, raw silk-ish jacket my friend K found recently at Goodwill. It wasn't her size, but she was so shocked to find an actual vintage thing in a thrift store for four dollars that she had to buy it. And thought of me. Hooray! Consignment shops and EBay have really ruined the fun of searching for cool vintage stuff. Hmph.

3. A pair of super high heeled shoes that my husband gave me for Christmas. They're gray and black herringbone with turquoise and pearl medallion-thingies on the toes. I love, love, love them, because I never would have bought them for myself. I would have wanted them, but talked myself out of getting something that didn't match at least ten outfits. I lurrrrve these shoes. And my husband. And my kids. And my friends. And family. And life. Mwah!

Namasté, y'all!


Paige said...

Je ne suis pas Paige mais je suis un ami qui etait a le repais de nouveau annee. C’ete une temp bien passé avec tout le monde qui etait la. Pendant une moment quand Alex et moi jeaux au Ping Pong Anne a passé le temp persuaion sur Alex. Il est an bien joueur de le sport mais avec tu la pression de Anne il a perdu. C’etait une tragedie, cataclysme.

By the way this is supposed to be funny however I may have lost all my ability to write in ”Canadian” French and lost a lot of the humor in how I tried to form my sentences. Please also excuse my spelling and conjugation.

There are other tid bits to the story as well such as Alex was winning by quite a few points and the game actualy went to extra points to determine the outcome. I could not however make the complete translation because my brain was begganing to hurt.

Don Mills Diva said...

Sounds like a perfect night - happy new year!