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Monday, February 25, 2008

Kids are weird and I'm immature.

"Mom," came the six year old voice from the back of the car, apropos of nothing, as usual, "If the whole world was made of bread, would you eat it all?"

"Why would you ask that question? That's so weird." And why am I even surprised any more?

"I just want to know, because I would eat it all. Would you?"

"No, probably not. It would depend on what kind of bread it was, I guess. Plus, if I ate it all, I'd just be floating in space." Just when did I become so desperate for human company that I started answering these questions?

"Well I could live on Uranus."

And this is where I had to bow out of the conversation. Uranus...hehehe...huh, huh, huh...

"No you couldn't!" from the sophisticated nine year old brother, "Nobody lives on Uranus."


"How do you know? You can't even see Uranus!"

*snort* If you do enough Yoga, you can.

"X-Man, I just know."

"Nobody knows everything about Uranus!," cried the indignant six year old.

Except for your proctologist. *snicker*

"What's so funny, Mom?"

"Um...hehehe, huh, huh, huh...just a grown-up joke Daddy told me yesterday."

Will I ever outgrow this? Or have Beavis and Butt-Head permanently destroyed any chance I had of developing a sophisticated sense of humor?

Namasté, y'all!

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