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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Skip this if you don't like cute babies.

Because my baby is cute. I hope I never forget the way he is right this second. Well, right this second, he's taking a nap, which is probably why I feel so affectionate towards him.

  • He says " 'mere" when he wants someone to "Come here," which is all the time because he really,really loves us.

  • He sings "Ah-mo waaaah!" That would be "Elmo's World."

  • He says "sauce," like the French, when he wants apple sauce.

  • He does the cutest little dance, kind of like a lame chicken dance, one elbow in the air, one foot grounded while the other one pivots.

  • He squints his eyes and smiles when he sees a camera.

  • He loves his brothers and asks for them. All. Day. Long.

  • He thinks it's really cool to say "Yader!" instead of "Bye bye." When he has a babysitter and he's trying to show me how sophisticated he is, he waves at me and says, "Yader," smirking like the teenager he'll be.

  • Anything that can go on his hand like a puppet is called "Hello." This includes, but isn't limited to, actual puppets (both finger and otherwise), socks, napkins and paper bags.

  • Speaking of bags, he's vigilant about not leaving his at the nursery. And he likes to carry it himself.

  • He makes actual jokes, like holding his fork over his head, grinning maniacally with a gleam in his eye, after we've told him four hundred times to stop stabbing the table with it.

  • He has another joke. He calls the boy next door "Wo-Wo" but pretends he doesn't know Wo-Wo's sister's name. He does know her name, but he likes to punish her for being his babysitter. But he laughs with his eyes when he does it.
  • Predictably, everything is his: toys, food, paper, fire trucks and my stool. The other day, I was sitting on the stool and he stood behind me, waving a plastic knife, threatening, "Mine! Mine!" and trying to push me off of it. So he could climb on it and use his laptop.

  • He calls snacks "n'yacks."

  • He likes it when I put his shoes on, so he can take them off.

  • He'll pull out all of the disposable diapers until he finds one with Ernie on it.

  • He says, "ewwww" when we change his diaper. Wonder where he got that. Huh.

  • He likes cookies and once ran into the kitchen chanting, "Tookie! Day-do! Tookie! Day-do!," thanking me in advance for the cookie I was forced to give him.

  • He loves music and points to the CD player and says, "Songs!" when he wants to hear some.

  • He likes to play ball, "ahh-side."
I know, he's not the first to do that stuff. My big kids probably did the same things, but I've already forgotten. I'm insanely jealous of parents who are with it enough to catch this stuff on video. If anyone wants to video my kids, I'll pay top dollar for copies, okay? Maybe that's why people agree to do reality shows. Huh.

Namasté, y'all!

P.S. If you know my baby and want to share other cute things he does, feel free to add them in the comments!


Don Mills Diva said...

Aww...he sounds almost as cute as my little one...:-)

Anonymous said...

Listen up here. I'm the one who never, never pines for my kids' lost babyhood or wants another baby. But you did it, dammit. He sounds so adorable.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I saw Baby J. at Target with his Dad and O. last week. I said, "Hi there!" and he grinned at me and said "Mine!" I was floored by both his cuteness and the fact that O. has grown up so fast... I think the last time I "spoke" to him he was still in diapers running around at Kanuga with your Dad! Plus, I think I scared your hubby to death when I stated chatting it up with the kids because I'm not sure he remembered me (I think we've met once for 2 seconds). :-)

Lizzie said...

Your stool? Gross.

Tracee said...

That was really nice to read. Thanks for sharing. :) Yader!