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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Slow Food!

Have you heard of Slow Food? I first heard of it years ago when I was rambling on about my philosophy on food and someone, in a polite attempt to shut me up, said,

"That sounds exactly like Slow Food. Why don't you check out their website?"

Which I did and I've been a fan ever since. Although I'm sure they could give you a far more sophisticated explanation, I would describe their philosophy like this:

"Let's be good to the environment and thoughtful about our food choices, so we can keep all these plants and animals alive...SO WE CAN EAT THEM."

Precisely. The other day, I had lunch at the Happy Bookseller with Cerelle Centeno, a stylish, charming woman who's also the founder of a Slow Food Convivium right here in Columbia. You can
email her or you can go see her, live, at the All-Local Farmers' Market today at Gervais and Vine, where she'll have a table set up with more information about Slow Food. And here's a picture of the lovely Cerelle. If you look to her left, you can see part of her Nana Purse, by local Sally Peek. It was super cute!

Namasté, y'all!

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