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Monday, May 19, 2008

This for you, Aaron.

Look at that Grass, Man
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You may have noticed something new in the sidebar on the left right. Or maybe you haven't. It's been suggested to me that there are some complete lunatics out there with too much time on their hands my more sophisticated readers would appreciate a Grass Cam, a chronicle of our attempt to grow grass. While I deeply regret not starting sooner, like before the grass even went in, I see no reason not to start right now. I added some pictures of barren spots to give you a feel for what our yard was like BG*. They're dramatizations and not pictures of our actual yard. If that's not enough, just ask our neighbors how bad it was. The picture above is our current, lush lawn. We'll see how long that lasts.

This is the Grass Cam. Some time in the middle of April (I can't be expected to remember when), we decided to attempt to grow grass. We've tried before and failed, but life is a gamble, right? I wrote about it here. The creation of the Grass Cam is also a nice way for me to get to know Flickr, which I'll be using on my new blog eventually.

I think the Grass Cam is classier than the one I had planned, A** Cam, which would have chronicled my experiments with Yoga, cellulite cream and self tanner as a means of improving the look of my a**. Just be thankful you were spared.

Enjoy the grass, dude!

* Before Grass. Duh.

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Lizzie said...

Grass sidebar is on the other left.
Ass cam would be hilarious but I don't have a widescreen. Ha!