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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grass Cam. Free Times. Rock.

The X-Man got in the car after school a few months ago, choking back laughter, trying desperately to tell us about the funniest thing that ever happened. Apparently, when his class was on a field trip, the teacher did roll call. Each child, unsurprisingly, was expected to answer, "Here" or, for the fancier children, "Present." The X-Man's friend D, when his name was called, responded thusly,


First graders are easily entertained. I don't know if he meant rock as in Guns N' Roses* or rock as in something in a Japanese Rock Garden. I'm going with the first. Rock, y'all!

Another month has passed and Free Times has been gracious enough to print another article of mine. Here it is if you would like to read it. At the moment, I'm feeling pretty good about writing for Free Times because it got me invited to a Sangria tasting party tomorrow afternoon. Wheee!

As if all that rocking and writing wasn't enough to occupy my time, I made another video for the Grass Cam today. This is the grass right before a storm. There's some thunder and, of course, the woodpecker. It reminds me of that thing at the zoo in the bird house where they make it like a storm and all the birds make a lot of noise. I love that thing.

Grass Before a Storm.
Originally uploaded by The Daily Digress

Namasté, y'all!

* What's up with the apostrophe after the N? If they mean "And," it should be 'N', I suppose. If they mean "In," which either makes no sense at all or is totally and completely filthy, it should be 'N. Discuss.


Jody said...

I liked the article but the grasscam scared me. It was so noisy.

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