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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to you, Mom!

Of course, I already called her and sang the entire "Happy Birthday Song," loudly. Right into the phone, so she could hear me, of course. Old people like it when you're loud, because they can't hear so good. But sometimes they ask you to quiet down, especially in public. Old people are so fickle. Anyhow, I thought posting additional well wishes to my mom, right here on my blog, would really make her feel loved. It's important to make really old people feel loved, because they're like toddlers that way. I love you, Mommy! You're such a good girl!

On your birthday, you might enjoy reading my column in the Free Times, because it's kind of about you, one of the original Seventies Moms. They haven't put it online yet, so you'll have to wait for the link.

UPDATE: Here it is! I will no longer be the only site that comes up when someone Googles "Eggplant Mush Pizza" in quotes. Oh well.

You might also enjoy reading my article in the September issue of Jolie. For those of you who are not my mother, Jolie is a local magazine, published by the State Newspaper and available (for free) in a retail location near you! My article is about my oldest son, my sister's old t-ball shirts and my own insecurity. They don't have an online version, but I'll happily mail an autographed copy ($20, shipping and handling included) to absolutely anyone who asks.

Lastly, Mom, I made a special Grass Cam, just for you. There are no surprises, because old people are so sensitive. Please enjoy the grass and the sound of water from the barren Koi Pond trickling in the background. Even barren things can be lovely - like old people! I love you, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, mrs. wolfe!

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