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Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm sure there's an official name for this...

I took exactly one socio-linguistics class in college (which I attended approximately 46.5% of the time) and I vaguely recall there was a name for that thing toddlers do where they get confused about the meaning of a word or phrase and use it in an overly general way. Does anyone know that word? It's going to drive me crazy. Anyhow...

When the big boys are nowhere to be found, Baby J makes a regular announcement.

"I go wake up X-Man!"

He alternates that with,

"I go wake up O!"

He seems to think waking someone up is the same as going upstairs to irritate the living daylight out of them. Shortly after the announcement, he climbs the stairs. After that, there are several possibilities:

  • If the announcement is preceded by the familiar sound of a hand dragging through Legos, Baby J will be greeted by someone yelling,"Unhh! NO, Baby J! You can't play with Legos!" He does not, in fact, agree with that assessment, as he finds himself to be perfectly capable of playing with them, although not, perhaps, in the way his brothers would prefer.
  • If the announcement is made while the boys aren't home, nothing much happens. Baby J climbs the stairs and, finding no one to stop him, plays with Legos in peace, destroying anything in his path. That's what you get for leaving your damn Legos out, I say. In his mind, he has mad Lego skills.
  • If the announcement is made while the boys are actually sleeping, there are two options. The first is kind of sweet. He's greeted with offers of snuggling. The second is not sweet, and involves screaming. It all depends on how early it is. Baby J will take either reaction. He just likes attention. And Legos.
  • Once in a blue moon, the announcement is followed by the sounds of a big brother or two playing with a grateful toddler. Offers of payment increase the likelihood of that outcome.
In retrospect, I think Baby J means exactly what he says, but in a more figurative sense. As in, "I am coming up there to wake you up to the absolute power of my tyranny." Good thing he's cute.

Namasté, y'all!

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