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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've just realized it's entirely possible that all the kids at baby school know The Tank's name not because he is charming and popular, but because he is naughty and they hear the teachers say his name all the time. Eh. No press is bad press, right?

Speaking of The Tank, formerly known as Baby J, we've been calling him something new recently. He is now known as S.K., short for The S.K., which is short for The Sh*t Kicker. Which is what he is. I haven't actually seen him kick sh*t, but I feel sure if he saw some, he would kick it. The other day, he walked up to a box on the soccer field. And kicked it, just to do some kicking. I would probably do the same, if I didn't care about my shoes. Also, one of the window panes on our front door is broken. I didn't understand the whole story, but it involved SK and a lampshade. The lampshade and SK are undamaged.

Breaking news: In an effort to find a free download of that song by House of Pain that gave us the idea for S.K.'s new moniker, I found this. Am I the last person to know about Jango? This is freaking awesome. I just made my own radio station by clicking on bands I like. And I set it on "Popular Favorites," because I'm a Greatest Hits kind of girl. The other options were "Happy Medium" and "Wide Variety." I freaking love this! I'm only on the second song (House of Pain segued seamlessly into The Cranberries), so I'm guessing there will be commercials at some point. This is so awesome! Jay-Z, followed by Frou Frou. This is like owning a radio station. No commercials yet. I feel like my life has changed.

Oooh...I can fast forward to the next song...Cardigans...Lily Allen...Cypress Hill...Beastie Boys...The Cure...Tori Amos... It's like this thing lives in my brain. I'm going to name this station "The Daily Digress: The College Years." It's like a prequel. I feel happy.

Pixies...Snoop Dogg...Morrissey...Ani...Tribe Called Quest...The Sundays... Ahhhh...

Namasté, y'all! Rock on!


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of Jango, but it sounds like Pandora, which is another awesome internet radio site that reads your mind. Pandora is part of a music genome project and funded through that, therefore commercial free! Love it. You can only skip a certain amount of songs each hour, but it selects such great hits, you rarely want to anyway!
Have fun hearing the soundtrack of your life!

Su said...

Ditto on Pandora! It says things like, "Band X is similar to Band Y in their use of instrumental harmonies" and then you can give it thumbs up or thumbs down and it continues to tailor your station to your preferences. If you give it a thumbs down it says something like, "We're so sorry! We'll never play this again!" which I find strangely satisfying.

Lizzie said...

Listening to Pandora now. Have Tori, Ani, Pharcyde, Rick Ross, Ray LaMontagne and ... wait for it ... Styx! Bc the bands with similar instrumental harmonies to Styx are kinda awesome. A little too much Dave Matthews Band on some of my stations but the thumbs down app is quite easy and, oh yeah, strangely satisfying.