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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

When will I learn?

I was enjoying a few moments of peace this morning, in between changing The Tank's diapers. Happy Diarrhea Day to Me! Just for today, I'm thankful he's not potty-trained. So, he was watching a movie in the kitchen - or so I thought - and I heard him moving around. No big deal, because the movie was Billy Jonas and the Tank likes to sing along and dance. I heard him say something, but I was doing really well playing Scramble on Facebook, so I ignored it. I heard it several times, each time more enthusiastic than the last. In between the outbursts, I heard a small sound, like crktt.

"HE DOES IT!"...crktt..."HE DOES IT!"...crktt..."HE DOES IT!"...crktt...

After failing again to beat my sister's high score at Scramble, I investigated. May I present, The Tank's first art installation:

He does it!

He was so happy about it. I couldn't do anything but hug him. Score another one for Wellbutrin! Eggs are very hard to clean up with paper towels. Now you know.

Last week, life was perfect. My whole day revolved around beverages and hanging out. These are some beverages I enjoyed. First, imagine the taste of rich, warm espresso, sipped by the pool from one of these fancy Italian-y looking cups.

Afternoon coffee by the pool at Club Med.

Also poolside, Coca Light quenched my afternoon thirst. I really, really miss reading under these straw umbrella thingies over the lounge chairs. American Wife, by the way, was a great vacation read. I'm finished, if anyone wants to borrow it*. Why does Coca Light taste so much better than Diet Coke? Anyone? Maybe it's atmosphere.

Coca Light and a book by the pool at Club Med.

This last drink was my favorite, Malibu and club soda. Light on the alcohol, so you can have two! This vacation treat is ideal for sipping while playing "European or American?"

Malibu and soda...what a lovely afternoon.

Speaking of "European or American?", my theory about Crocs and Speedos as unquestionable confirmations of nationality was incorrect. This guy proved it wrong, as he sports both Crocs and a Speedo.

European or American?

But, I think we all know he's European, so my new theory is this:

Crocs=American, if and only if accompanied by Speedo

Speaking of pants vs. no pants, both my husband and his brother managed to get locked out of their rooms without pants. I don't really understand how that happens. I never go outside without something covering my bottom. That is one of the rules I live by. Both of them attempted to re-enter via their respective balconies. Our room was on the first floor. My brother-in-law's was on the second floor. Please try not to picture him scaling a yellow stucco building at Club Med Punta Cana with no pants. Ha, ha! Try to get that image out of your head now! I'm thankful I didn't see it.

Namasté, y'all!

* I will not be including it at my next Anti-Book Club if you were counting on it.


Anonymous said...

you know i thought the top photo was diarrhea all over the floor. Thanks for that. and for the speedo photo. nightmares tonight.

*~Dani~* said...

I think their Coca Light is more equivalent to our Coke Zero rather than Diet Coke. At least in taste.

Unknown said... I see diarrhea every time I look at it...awesome.

Kathy said...

Want to try an experiment with MexPost? Email me the postage and drop it in the mail (media is fine) to:

Kathleen Smith
km 85 Carretera Federal Cancun-Tulum
entre Xcaret y Puerto Adventuras
Palapa No 72
PaaMul, Quintana Roo, Solidaridad
Mexico 77735

and let's see if it ever gets here.

Pde. Felipe Calderon has promised that MexPost will start working again so I'm going to start trying them out.