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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Detox Day 2.

Well. I survived Day 1, although it ended with a raging headache, thanks to caffeine withdrawal. The good news is I wasn't hungry and the meals really looked up after the vomit-with-sawdust-in-it tasting smoothie. The broccoli and arugula soup was so good, I served it to my family for dinner. They got a side of teriyaki tofu. I got more soup. Wasn't it nice of me to make something for them that I wasn't even going to eat? I thought so. Also, I did not lose any weight and I didn't feel hungry, which is good because I'm not trying to lose weight and I hate being hungry.

Today's smoothie was much, much better. In fact, I'm drinking it right now and am able to type at the same time. I used frozen raspberries because they are much, much cheaper and I like how they make the smoothie cold. I also took Anonymous' advice after my last post and added four cubes of ice and substituted rice milk for the almond milk. And I cheated and used some yummy hazelnut flavored rice milk, which has Xylitol and a couple of other things I probably shouldn't have. But I gave up coffee. Coffee, dammit! And Diet Coke! And, really, this is much healthier than a Bojangle's Cajun Filet biscuit and handful of Goldfish crackers, don't you think? I'm really looking forward to the unfortunately named Detox Teriyaki Chicken. Why hate on the chicken like that? It doesn't even demand any really freaky ingredients. I will mount a full defense of the chicken after I taste it.

Just in case you thought I was, I am not complaining*. I realize what a luxury it is to go on a diet like this - how could I not after seeing my grocery bill? I'm enjoying it, even the part with no coffee. In fact, I love that part the most, because I am dreaming of how divine that first post-detox sip will taste. Next Monday, I'm going to the Gourmet Shop for hot coffee and a Brie and bacon croissant. Ahhhhh... Anyhow, my sister-in-law's sister-in-law posted this video on FaceBook today. Love.

Namasté, y'all!

* I am going to complain right here, for just a moment. I am sick. I have a sore throat and my ears ache. This never happens to me. I blame it on the fact I saw live music Saturday night, which I'm too old to do. Is it normal that my ears are still ringing? I'm guessing the sore throat cannot be blamed on the music. WARNING: TOTALLY OBNOXIOUS COMPLAINT AHEAD The Tank's regular sitter is coming today. Normally I go out, but I want to stay in and sleep, which I can't do when they're here. I actually considered checking in to a hotel for the afternoon to sleep and watch television, but I don't like cheap hotels and I'm too cheap to pay for a good one for just a few hours. My brilliant sister-in-law pointed out that since I would probably feel better by tomorrow, I should go stay at the Westin in Charlotte and go shopping before coming home tomorrow afternoon. I was on the verge of doing it until I remembered my d*mn husband has tennis tonight. I hate tennis. And him. And now you all hate me for being a selfish baby. But I never get sick and my ear hurts and I have a stomach ache and a headache and a sore throat. Hrngh.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if noticed, but ever mindful of best wife ever, best husband ever is not making coffee in the morning as the aroma might be too tempting for de-tox lady.

Tracie Broom said...

Tank Black is such a mensch!!

Also, you'll be proud of the letter I just emailed to Trader Joe's, per our ongoing conversation about lobbying for them to open a store in Columbia:

"Columbia, SC is a booming market in the Southeastern US and could EASILY support at least 2-3 Trader Joe's stores.

You'd want to target the Vista/Downtown/Five Points/University of South Carolina area for your central location, then put one out in the fancy 'burbs at Harbison near Columbiana Center mall (or in nearby Lexington), as well as one out in Spring Valley, the fancy 'burb on the other side of town.

There are thousands upon thousands of soccer moms in SUVs (and college students!) in Columbia who are just dying to blow their grocery bill on TJ's crabcakes, edamame hummus, mini peanut butter cups, and chicken chile verde.

If you build it, they will come."

long live the interwebs!

Anonymous said...

Giving up caffeine and being sick at the same time?? You have more willpower than I do! Feel better soon!


Love the Louis CK clip!