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Monday, March 02, 2009

And in conclusion, Detox Days 6 and 7.

So. It's over. The final meal was delicious enough to make me want to do it for ever and ever: steamed tilapia and squash and quinoa drizzled with olive oil and roasted. I think the detox served its purpose; I feel back on track with healthy eating and I have some new easy, healthy meals to add to our normal rotation.

When I woke up this morning, I kind of missed the detox. Believe it or not, I didn't have coffee. I hate to make sweeping statements about long-term health goals, but I might reserve coffee for when it would really taste good. Lately, I hadn't been enjoying it all that much, chugging a cup on the way to teach at the gym and leaving the cup in my yard so I wouldn't have to take it with me. Pre-detox, I missed the taste of a strong cup of coffee with a splash of rich, delicious heavy cream. When you taste something too much, it becomes meaningless. Duh. I also slept really well this last week, quite possibly because caffeine wasn't coursing through my veins at all hours of the day and night. I had lemon water this morning, followed by herbal tea.

After that, instead of the big, greasy breakfast I had planned, I wanted a peach smoothie. For lunch, I took the boys to a restaurant* and didn't hoover up their leftovers like I usually do. I ordered, hold on to your hats, miso soup with a handful of mushrooms thrown in and added the greens from the Tank's plate of chicken satay. Predictably, the greens were "not for him" and he "couldn't like them"; they were also "disgust." After lunch, the kids begged and I took them to the Nestlé shop for a cookie. This is freaking me out, but a bite of O's brownie with Butterfinger and caramel tasted dry and bland. Even after he was finished, with a quarter of a brownie left, I had no desire to eat it. Whoah.

I've felt more satisfied this week than I have in a while. I went to one of my absolute favorite shops in town after seeing a pair of pants they posted on Facebook. I tried on the pants, which were so totally awesome and exceeded my expectations, so I bought them. And I felt ecstatic to have them instead of mildly disappointed that I couldn't have three shirts to go with them. Well, that is not entirely true. I might die if I don't get this Phillip Lim leather jacket. See? The diet didn't change my personality. Aren't you relieved? Are you relieved enough to buy me the jacket so I don't die? Please? It would look so amazing with the pants. But I digress.

Saturday, I had to bake four quiches, one-hundred and eight coconut pecan bars and two batches of cookies, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, for the choir bake sale. And I had to package them, without eating any. I thought it would be incredibly difficult and it just...wasn't. I love quiches and coconut pecan bars and cookies, but I was able to pass these up...

Quiches for church

because I was looking forward to juicing these...

Stuff for juicing

And the juice was so good. Unlike the cucumber, basil and lime juice, I didn't even think adding vodka would improve it (much.) Nuts! I know! But, never fear, I'm going out as planned tonight and I bought a skirt (Lela Rose on a price you wouldn't believe!) this afternoon, so the local economy is safe. We're headed to Solstice tonight, since there's no need to worry about all that fake ice on the road. And I don't have to worry about a driver, because TF gave up alcohol for Lent. Personally, I think giving up alcohol sends a very bad message to children, namely, that you are a drunk. Worse, you know you are a drunk and are only willing to give up alcohol a few weeks out of the year. Someone has to model responsible drinking and I guess I'll have to step up to the plate. Hope the kids are asleep when we get home...

Namasté, y'all!

PS I'm only mentioning this because everyone asks. I didn't do the diet to lose weight. I hope I sound emotionally healthy rather than braggy when I say that. In spite of my intent, without being hungry at all, I lost five pounds. Sorry (ducking the flying shoes)! Sure, I didn't need to lose weight, but what woman doesn't want to accidentally lose five pounds? I'm only human.

* Stupid snow day. Stupid, lying weather people. You think you're so great, but it's 50° and not even raining.


Suz said...

Fabulous! You have inspired me, and I might have to copy you. But not until after my 2-week birthday celebration!

kbfenner said...

I agree with your observation that giving up alcohol for Lent is tantamount to admitting you are a drunk, or at least that you need to do something about your drinking. "Efforts to limit one's drinking" often shows up on lists of warning signs about problem drinking.
So what does dieting or limiting food intake say about eating? Dear me...