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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wow. This thing is still here. These World Wide Internets are some crazy things. So, since the last entry, we have moved, had another boychild, entered marriage counseling, gone to Disney World and done some other stuff, although not in that order.

J is the newest addition. He just turned one. I see that I made an entry about X's first birthday. J had the same cake and more or less the same reaction. A and I believe that J is our cutest baby, although we do not tell the other boys of course. I just don't remember them being this cute. For one whole day, whenever I would lie on the bed, throw my arms in the air and yell, "Ta DAAAAAAAAAA!", J would shove his face into my armpit. I mean, is that cute or what? Also, when one of us sings, "Da duh DUUUUUU..." he sings back. "Da duhhhh!" Well, sometimes. Like one time in ten. Or so. My friend S's baby is near J's age and can do signs. Smart kid. But did I tell you the one about how every time I lie on the bed, throw my arms in the air...never mind. J is really cute, just really cute. People love him.

I have been trying to do Yoga three or four times a week. I thought it would make me less mental. It doesn't seem to be working and I'm not sure what to do about that. I'm pretty sure that Googling my various annoying personality traits isn't productive in terms of diagnosis. But I really don't know where to start. I guess with Yoga. At least I feel sane while I'm there.

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