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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Je t'aime et je soufflé.

Are filthy jokes filthy if you have to speak another language to get them? Just asking.

My children love soufflé and they like to eat early. Ergo, no one above the age of nine is ever home to see the soufflé before it falls. And, you know what they say, if no one is there to see the risen soufflé, did it still rise? So, I have to take a picture. I firmly believe that when you are taking a picture of food, it should look as much like a seventies cookbook as possible. The colors should be garish, the floral arrangements loud or holiday themed and liquor should be prominently featured. Everyone loves a glass of Dewar's with smoked salmon soufflé, right?

Incidentally, I like how the Poinsettia looks as if it is both lovingly cradling the Scotch and preparing to devour the soufflé. It looks so alive! It's like a metaphor for the soufflé, which is sort of alive, because it falls as soon as you stab it. I just love violent food imagery, don't you?

Namasté, y'all!

P.S. The only reason I'm not giving you the recipe is because it's not mine. I used the exact recipe from Here it is. It was really good and easy, even though I had to use dried dill instead of fresh. By the way, I've found that stick blenders don't work so well for whipping egg whites. A good old-fashioned hand blender works best. I use this one, a wedding gift to my parents:

I like how the mixer seems to be coming out of its Poinsettia hiding place.


Brenda said...

Love the photos!!

Don Mills Diva said...

That souffle looks amazing - I am so impressed!