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Monday, March 24, 2008

I guess I'm it...

Hello and thank you, Meagan, who tagged me (and whose blog I love to read)!

Here are the rules:

A. Post the rules at the beginning. Done!

B. Answer the questions about yourself. Wait for it!

C. Tag 5 people and let them know in a comment on their blogs that they have been tagged. Ladies, you're it! Jodi, Brenda, Kelly, Amy, and Kathy (whose blogs I also love to read!)

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago? This one's easy. I was lying in bed, waiting for O. to be born, reading lots of gossip magazines and watching old television reruns, mostly The Facts of Life and 90210. I was in bed for a few months before he was born, 10 weeks early. Poof! We were magically transformed into parents. It was a very exciting time, even though all I could do was lie in bed, watch television and eat. Now that I have three kids, that sounds really awesome and I look forward to doing it again some day, without the pregnancy.

Snacks I Enjoy: Jalapeño pimento cheese from Rosewood Market on celery sticks, olives, nuts and, on a really rough day, Spicy Thai Kettle Chips. And popcorn. And Manchego cheese with Cotognata. And fresh berries. I can't go more than two hours without food. Oink.

Five Things on my To-Do List Today: 1) Finish this and post it to my blog. 2) Go to the grocery store - done! 3) Ummm...cook dinner. 4) Wonder if the kids' Spring Break might be a little bit shorter next year. 5) Hang out with my sister in law after our kids go to sleep. We're vacationing together.

Things I Would Do if I Became a Billionaire: Build a fancy Dwell-style shed in my backyard with an outdoor fireplace and a room upstairs that I could use as an office. Do some insanely expensive kitchen remodel. Buy a beach house big enough for my whole family, including siblings, parents, friends and whoever else wanted to come. Take a family vacation to Italy. Hire a live-in nanny. Buy this Tracy Reese dress I saw at Mary the other day that I can't stop obsessing about. Set up a healthy retirement account for myself and college funds for the kids. Give each of my siblings money to buy houses. Buy shoes. And more shoes. And a few pocketbooks. I'm very materialistic. I could probably burn through a billion dollars pretty fast.

Three Bad Habits: Losing my temper, not putting things away and being too nice. Ha! That last one was a lie. I drink too much: coffee, diet soda and wine, not necessarily in that order. Also, I'm way too cute. Oops! That was four!

Five Places I Have Lived: My parents' house (in the town where I now live), Andover, Massachusetts for boarding school, Montré, Québec for college, the apartment on Waccamaw Street where I met my husband and the house where I live now. I'd stay there even if I became a billionaire, but I might buy the place behind it, use it as the fanciest guest house ever and add a pool in between. And a tiki hut.

Jobs I Have Had: Coffee shop girl at Adriana's in Five Points, receptionist at my dad's office (almost got fired), language lab attendant, bank teller, data entry person for a bank (believe it or not, this was one of my favorites, because the people I worked with were so nice), waitress, bartender, assistant manager of an underwear store, babysitter, dancer at a gentlemen's club (Joke! That was just to scare my mom. Seriously, I'm way too pale and cranky), customer support for iVillage (hilarious, because I'm clueless about computers, but it might make sense if you've ever written to iVillage for customer support), Pilates instructor (current) and...drumroll...Freelance Writer! If you want me to write something, I'll do it. For money. That makes me a freelance writer, right?

Things People Don’t Know About Me: If it's not on the blog, it's so embarrassing that I'll never tell. Well, maybe I'll tell, but you'll have to bring me a bottle of Sancerre and some cheese. And maybe give me a foot rub while I drink the wine. And I won't put it in writing.

Namasté, y'all!


Kathy said...

done. first one evah. i usually just ignore them...

Kathy said...

ok, i totally read your gentleman's club job as a real job (especially coming right after the underwear store). on re-read i got it. :)