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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yay, AnnaBelle! Yay, Pretty Dresses!

I'm at the beach and writing from the lovely Latté Litchfield today. My husband thinks I'm at the gym. Ladies, do not let yourselves go just because you're on vacation. Plus, the gym is a perfect excuse to ditch your husband with all the kids. If I told the truth, that I was going to shop and drink adult beverages, he'd make me take them with me.

AnnaBelle, fabulous designer and owner of LaRoque, has a big spread in the paper today. I have two of her dresses and a skirt and love them. Even though I bought off the rack, they fit like they were made for me. I go in there planning to "just look" or maybe buy one of the Hardest Working Bras in town from Kristy, owner of Tullulah. But it seems like every time AnnaBelle manages to talk me into trying one of those dresses on, I can't bring myself to leave it there. You should never walk away from a dress that fits that well. It would be like leaving a puppy at the pound that wouldn't quit giving you that puppy look. She picks the best fabric, including some Liberty prints. Do you remember those? My mother had a Liberty Print blouse with a Peter Pan collar that I loved. It had seafood on it. Well, it wasn't actual seafood, just the uncooked crustaceans that eventually become seafood. It was really cute, I swear, and that fabric felt so light and cool. I might have to get just one little shirt made with a Liberty print fabric, or maybe two, but definitely not more than three.

And having Tullulah in the same building is a bonus. Usually, I have to take things home on approval to see if I have an appropriate undergarment, but Kristy is right there with the best bras in town. Woo! And both of those ladies are a riot. If you hang around long enough, you'll hear some wicked funny stories. Or you can wait for the chick lit novel I plan to write about them. I'll be embellishing the stories a lot, though, so don't go thinking they're (all) true.

Namasté, y'all!

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