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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dooce is a real celebrity.

And I know this is true, because I just watched the segment of The Today Show with her and found myself thinking,

"Hmmm...she's wearing a loose dress. Maybe she's pregnant!"

Which is not to say she looks pregnant, but this does further my theory that, once you've had one kid, if you leave the house in anything that isn't skin tight, someone will ask if you're pregnant. Fun times. Heather Armstrong, a.k.a. Dooce*, looked hot, as usual. And I loved her dress. She kills the stereotype of the blogger as a pasty hermit in sweatpants. And I'm as hot as she is. You'll have to trust me on that one, because I don't think the Today Show will be calling me any time soon.

Dooce and I, by the way, are practically best friends, because she and her husband once stayed at the house of some friends of ours for the wedding of some friends of theirs who I don't know but my husband knows one of. I realize that was a run-on sentence that might not have made sense, but I had to try to impress y'all with my celebrity connection. In case it wasn't obvious from the grammatically traumatic run-on sentence, I've never met Heather or her husband. But, if she is pregnant, I'm happy for her,even if I won't get invited to the shower. Am I the only one that has to stop herself from feeling happy for celebrities when they get good news? Like when Celine Dion finally got pregnant. Or J. Lo. It's so unsophisticated. Although there are many unsophisticated things about me, that might be the most embarrassing one.

Namasté, y'all!

* A.k.a. "Mother of Us All." I put that in a footnote because I don't think you should have more than one "a.k.a." in a paragraph. Plus, I think Dooce might hate being called "Mother of Us All." I think it was Nora Ephron who said Betty Friedan hated being called "Mother of Us All." What mother wouldn't? Whoever originally said that was not a mother. Can you imagine how much cleaning and bottom wiping and humiliation would be involved in being "Mother of Us All"? I shudder.


Veronica said...

You are definitely cool by association. Can you ask Heather to, you know, stop by my blog next time you see her?


Keep up the good posts!

Don Mills Diva said...

She was great on there wasn't she? Except KLG cut her off! It's true about the clothes thing - every time I wear an empire waist everyone asks me if I'm pregnant too!

Lizzie said...

I look pregnant sometimes even though I never have been. What's that all about?