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Friday, July 11, 2008

I'll probably regret this and, no, Mom, I haven't been drinking...

But I might have a drink around 3 pm. That's not too early for a Friday, is it? I'm going to be on the radio at 3:25 this afternoon on "Chick Chat," a thirteen minute segment on WOIC (1230 AM on your dial, for the interested). We'll be talking about blogging, my career in the adult entertainment industry and civil war reenactment*. You can listen to it live here. If you want to. I sound like a man when I talk, so I'm hoping my nervousness will raise the pitch on my voice just a bit. What should I wear?

* Except for those last two. We won't be talking about those. I just threw them in to get your attention.


Lizzie said...

You were great! Except poor cousin Oliver thought for a moment you were talking about him and he got really excited. Then he cried because you weren't talking about him at all.

Anonymous said...

Heard the last few minutes. You're a natural. -seb