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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh. So that's where it goes.

This is how much Wednesday cost:

Babysitter for the big boys $50

Movie, snacks and lunch for babysitter and two big kids $50

Babysitter for Baby J because he's too wild to go to the movies $25

Pedicure to help me relax from my difficult life $30

Lunch with friends because my life is so hard I need a break $20

Dinner out with kids because husband has tennis on Wednesdays and restaurant is much easier than grocery store followed by cooking $30

Money saved on tip because waitress brought back a ten and a five for $24.72 tab $3-4*

Snacks at the pool for big kids $2

Tennis lessons for the big kids $12

Housekeeper Decided not to count this in the total because she comes every Wednesday. Plus, I don't want to tell you how much we pay for housecleaning. For some reason, that feels private. Very odd, considering the other things I've shared, gleefully even, right here on this very blog.

Grand total: $219**.

The exact same amount we would have paid last night to the two thirteen year old babysitters we found at the last minute down here at the beach. I love how everybody knows each other in South Carolina. Hours from home, I can find a babysitter (or two) that I totally trust, because at least ten people I know can vouch for her parents. For the record, we didn't pay those girls $219 for the four hours we were gone. But we would have. Thirteen year old girls really need to learn how much they can squeeze out of desperate parents their worth.

Speaking of worth, a woman I admire recently told me I really need to get paid for my other blog. She's a business owner who knows the value of what she does. As a matter of fact, I am planning to start selling ad space soon. I'm just waiting for the web designer to finish the final version of the site. I really appreciated her saying that, though, especially since she's one of the people I hope will advertise with me.

And speaking of women giving each other advice, will someone please open a private cocktail club for ladies? Just a small space, maybe on Devine Street, a place for me to go on Tuesdays. Kristy and I figured out all the details the other day. We'll be glad to share if someone will finance! Men have had private clubs for years. I want one, open every day from 3 pm until closing. Maybe Dianne needs a new venture... If anyone decides to do it, call me. I'll be the first to join!

Namasté, y'all!

* The tab was $24.72. I had $40. She brought back a ten and a five, because I forgot to ask for fives and ones. I left five, but when I'm with kids I like to leave more than twenty percent. I call it the kid tax. But I didn't want to leave ten, more like eight. And the devil toddler the kids were getting too restless for comfort, so I was afraid to wait around for more change. After I left, I felt guilty and wished I'd just left ten.

** Chump change, of course, to you big city folk, but quite a bit down heah. And is this where I say how grateful I am to be able to have days like that? Thank you, dear hard-working husband.


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