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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Diary,

He doesn't think he did anything wrong. He's mad at me for being mad at him. I'm a loser.



Anonymous said...

awwwww....some years you hate each other, some years you love each other. you've just got to ride through it. you are not a loser.

Anonymous said...

Hope this doesn't come out wrong, but it is comforting to read that the best husband ever is human too. I struggle with my 'best' guy when he finds me less than stellar company. Your attesting to normalcy makes for comfort out here in reader-blog land... seeing how you get thru it and resume that "best" status. That's why I continue to stalk, er, read all your stuff. It comforts me. :o)

Anonymous said...

the most important question to ask yourself is, will you two make up in time to go to trivia tonight? and remember, you're not the loser, our trivia team is! -seb