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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Cocktail Manifesto

I have a brilliant friend, Donna Raymond (née Tomlinson). We weren't always this fabulous. Back in the day, Donna wrote a manifesto to help us in our pursuit: The Cocktail Manifesto. I think it's timeless. So timeless, in fact, that I made her search the bowels of her computer to find it. You may feel free to print out a copy for your wallet (or a five foot tall poster, like we had, back in the day. I was the last person to have the poster and I lost it. I don't know how. I feel bad about it, but what are you going to do?)

The Cocktail Manifesto*

We, the soon- to- be citizens of Cocktail Nation, do hereby declare our independence from the dessicated horde of mummified uniformity, our freedom from an existence of swinglessness and our dedication to a lifestyle that includes being FABULOUS at ALL times...

We also swear that Fabulousness is a spiritual extravagance and a glamorous aberration, larger than life in even the minutest detail.

We promise to live by a standard of original unoriginality and sincere insincerity, while firmly believing that every hour should be Happy Hour!!!!

I must admit that, in recent years, I may have forgotten the manifesto. I hereby pledge, from this day forward, to adhere to the pronouncements of the Manifesto at all times (or, like, whenever I can).

Here's to Cocktail Nation, y'all! And Namasté.

* Copyright Ninety Ninety Something, Donna Raymond (née Tomlinson).

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