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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Ah, the holidays! One of the things I like best about the holiday season is the chance to drink and shop. Drinking and shopping is the best; you never buy anything uncomfortable and the atmosphere is just so festive. It's like vacation shopping!

I spent the morning with Jacque at Cloud Nine Market, picking out gift baskets for my husband's office. Every year, I make sure to complain about it just enough so he doesn't want to do it himself, because it's a lot of fun. I know Jacque from back in the day, when she was one of the higher ups in the national chain where I worked as a lowly assistant manager. She was fun then and she's fun now, and fashionable to boot. She had on a great coat today; it was a green and cream brocade with green rhinestone buttons, très,
très chic! And of course she picked it up at market in Atlanta, so no one else in town can have one. Lucky!

Anyhow, Cloud Nine has everything: coffee, wine, fancy snacks, bath products, cute kitchen stuff and free wi-fi. The free wi-fi is a new addition and I liked being able to turn on the laptop while I talked to Jacque; I think it made me look very hip and professional and important. We lazy housewives have to get it where we can. I drank a bunch of coffee and ate a cookie and babbled incessantly. In spite of all that, the baskets are taken care of, mostly thanks to Jacque, who is very patient.

Her coat reminded me that after Yoga tonight, I'll get to do a little drinking and shopping. Annabelle and Kristy, respective owners of LaRoque and tullulah, are co-hosting an open wallet house. They give you a little discount and a little alcohol, a perfect combination. And I'll be all blissed out from Yoga, so it should be fun. Jacque's coat reminded me of Annabelle's stuff, which she designs and sews herself. She uses vintage-looking fabrics and the styles are classic. I have one of her dresses, but I might need a little jacket. Or two.

And Emily at M Boutique, right down the street, is having an open house, too. Although my lucky jeans have not done as much for the Gamecocks as I had hoped, I still love the store. I look forward to tottering down Devine Street, shopping. I wish I had a friend to join me, but babysitters are hard to come by at the last minute and I don't think you should introduce kids to the concept of drinking and shopping until they're of age. Also, they totally cramp your style.

Speaking of drinking and shopping, my original partner in crime, the Lady M, is coming for a visit. Ever since I learned that Baby J could survive a night without me, I've wanted to do it again. The Lady M is taking a spur of the moment trip to Charleston this weekend and if she can make it from San Francisco, I can make it from Columbia. I can't wait to see her; it'll be just like old times, but with better food.

Namasté, y'all!

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Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman! I think drinking and shopping would be a very, very dangerous combination. In fact, I think "drinking and shopping" pretty much explains my wardrobe in the 80's.